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Tips to improve your indoor air quality

March 08, 2019

If you're interested in improving the quality of air in your home, there are several simple steps you can take. This can protect your health and comfort.

Minimize Pollutants

One of the best ways to improve and maintain indoor air quality is by avoiding chemical and other pollutants:

  • Do not smoke indoors
  • Try to avoid cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals or fragrances
  • Take activities like gluing, painting or sanding outside
  • Do not idle your car or lawnmower in your garage, where exhaust fumes can enter your home

Ensure Proper Ventilation

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends properly ventilating your home to improve indoor air quality. You can do this by:

  • Opening windows and doors when the weather permits
  • Making sure fireplaces, exhaust fans, heaters, and other appliances are ventilating outside, away from windows and heating and cooling intakes

Keep Your Home Heating and Cooling System Clean

Keeping your home and heating and cooling system clean can help to keep the air in your home free from dust, mold and other allergens:

  • Regularly wash bedding to reduce exposure to allergens
  • Take off your shoes when you enter your home
  • Use mats at all entrances to your home
  • Use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum
  • Use a whole-home or single-room air purifier

To learn more about maintaining ideal indoor air quality and how HomeServe of New England can help, call 877-808-1955.



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