Furnace Maintenance Check List

Furnace Maintenance Check List

September 10, 2019

Why Furnace Maintenance Is Important 

The last thing that a homeowner needs in the middle of winter is to come home to a cold house because the furnace has failed. You rely on your home’s heating unit to keep everyone in the family warm and comfortable during the tough months of winter. Whether your furnace is brand new or several decades old, industry professionals recommend that homeowners enroll in a regularly scheduled maintenance program to ensure that their heating system will provide them with many years of reliable service. Neglecting routine maintenance is not only one of the main reasons that furnaces fail each year, but the practice can also lead to a shortened life span for key components in the heating equipment. 

Furnace Maintenance Check List 

As you consider various annual plans, be sure that these essential services are included. 

Heat Exchanger/Furnace Burner Inspection 

The heat exchanger is the component in the furnace that produces the warm air that circulates throughout the home. If this essential part is damaged or not functioning properly, it can lead to a significant safety hazard to everyone in the home. If either the furnace burner or heat exchanger is defective, they can emit deadly carbon monoxide into the house, which could be fatal for humans and pets. Be sure to have your technician check the heat exchanger and furnace burner each year. 

Furnace Fan Limit Switch & Furnace Thermostat

The fan or blower in your furnace is an incredibly important component, as it is responsible for sending warm air throughout the home. The furnace fan limit switch is connected to the thermostat and will cycle on and off according to the temperature that the homeowner chooses.  If this switch fails, the fan will become inoperable and unable to circulate air to each room. Your maintenance technician will be able to confirm whether the furnace fan limit switch is working as it should. 

Furnace Gas Line

The furnace gas line is vitally important to the operation of a home’s heating system. While it provides fuel to warm the house, the gas line can also pose a great danger if it is not functioning properly. Furnace maintenance professionals are trained to look for and repair any potential problems with a heating system’s gas line. They will confirm that there are no leaks or any other issues that could be a health hazard to people living in the home.        

Furnace Flue Pipe Inspection 

The flue pipe is responsible for ensuring that all toxic exhaust gases from the furnace safely leave the home. During the routine maintenance check, the technician will inspect the flue pipe to make sure that it is clean and free of any blockages. 

Clean/Replace Filters 

All furnaces need proper airflow in order to operate at peak performance. A clogged filter can cause all kinds of problems, including premature wear to internal components. Filters should be changed on a regular basis to optimize efficiency. 
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