Make Your Home More Efficient With A Smart Thermostat

Make Your Home More Efficient With A Smart Thermostat

August 14, 2019

Most homeowners will agree that the classic, round thermostat that they have had in their house for many years is a very dependable piece of equipment. These old style units controlled the temperature in the home via a small coil spring and a vile of mercury that was used to make electrical contact to power  the HVAC unit. While the classic round thermostat is still widely in use, modern technology has given us something even better – The smart thermostat. These new units not only control the climate in a home very accurately, but they also provide a host of other benefits that were never before available to homeowners.  

What Is A Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat utilizes digital technology, instead of the coil spring and mercury vile that is contained within a traditional, round thermostat. Today’s digital sensors are much better at helping a home’s HVAC system perform efficiently and save on energy costs. In addition, smart thermostats can actually learn from their homeowners by adjusting themselves according to people’s daily living habits. What homeowners find most interesting about these devices is that they allow them to control their HVAC systems from anywhere, via an app on their phone. 

The Benefits Of A Smart Thermostat  

There are many advantages to purchasing a smart thermostat. Here are just some of the ways in which they can make your life easier. 

  • They Get To Know You – Smart thermostats gather data on your daily habits with regard to the temperature of your home. They can also learn your schedule and help keep your HVAC system running efficiently by adjusting the climate of your home as you go through the day. 
  • Monitor Your Home Remotely - The app that comes with your smart thermostat allows you to confirm that your heat is running on a cold, January day or that the A/C has kicked on while you drive home during the dog days of summer. This technology gives you the peace of mind to know that everything is running smoothly while you are not home.  You can even get email alerts should something go awry with the HVAC system. 
  • Evaluate Your Energy Use – Many smart thermostats can track your energy consumption and provide easy to read, detailed reports that will show you when peak usage occurred etc. You can even get data on other homeowners for comparison purposes, to see how well you fare against the energy usage of other households. 

Can A Smart Thermostat Save You Money? 

In a word? Yes! The technology found in smart thermostats allow you to use your HVAC system much more precisely in order to meet your needs. By being able to control the climate in your home from anywhere, you will be saving a lot of money in non-wasted energy costs.  In addition, because smart thermostats can learn about your life habits, they can automatically adjust the home’s temperatures to fit your schedule. Your device can even make suggestions to you about the best ways to use less energy.   

What Is The Best Temperature To Set Your Smart Thermostat In The Summer? 

According to the United States Department of Energy, maintaining your home’s temperature at 78 degrees will be the optimal setting for energy conservation. Every homeowner is free to set the climate in their house as they like, but you can expect more energy usage with lower temperatures. Another great strategy to save on energy costs is to set your thermostat higher during the day when nobody is home and then use the app to change it before arriving back for the evening.

For over two decades, we are so grateful to have been the chosen partner for so many homeowners regarding their house’s HVAC systems. We have installed many smart thermostats and can provide expert advice on how one could benefit your home. We carry a wide variety of different models and are happy to discuss your options with you. Give us a call today to see how a smart thermostat can transform your home’s HVAC efficiency and energy consumption. 





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