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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Waltham & Nearby in Eastern MA

Expert A/C Maintenance from HomeServe of New England

There is no good time for your air conditioning system to break down, especially on a 90-degree summer day. Your home's A/C unit works hard all season to ensure that your family is cool and comfortable. A home's air conditioning equipment contains many different components, some with moving parts and others that are constantly under a pressurized charge. Unfortunately, that makes these parts susceptible to malfunctioning and breaking down.

Experts agree that the key to enjoying years of dependable service from an A/C system is preventative maintenance. Unfortunately, many people never think about maintaining their home's air conditioning unit until it suddenly stops working.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

The professionals at HomeServe of New England have many years of experience performing both routine and complex air conditioner maintenance services. We help give many customers peace of mind by knowing that their A/C unit will not let them down during the dog days of summer. With our A/C maintenance program, we will keep your family feeling cool and comfortable all season long. Benefits of proper air conditioning maintenance include:

  • Save on your electric bill by keeping your system functioning optimally
  • Reduce the likelihood of an early breakdown or emergency repairs
  • Increase the life expectancy of your heating and cooling system
  • Improve and maintain indoor air quality and comfort

Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Process

Our experienced team knows what it takes to keep your air conditioning system running smoothly. We provide full inspection and cleaning, and we can identify and repair any issues your system is having. Our A/C maintenance process includes:

  • Check & Replace Air Filters – Having a clogged or dirty air filter in your AC unit not only makes your equipment work harder, but it can also block air flow. We will make sure your filters are clean and allowing maximum cool air movement throughout the home.
  • Check For Freon Leaks – Freon (or coolant) is the heart of your air conditioning equipment and functions in a pressurized state throughout the system. Our team will confirm that there are no leaks that could cause a loss of cooling capacity.
  • Examine Compressor, Blower and Lubricate Bearings – It is important ensure that your AC unit's compressor and blower are functioning properly, as well as make sure motor bearings stay lubricated. We will inspect and clean the outside compressor, blower motor and lubricate where needed.

Home Cooling Services

HomeServe of New England is proud to offer our customers the following additional cooling services.

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Our team of expert technicians can provide you with quality repair services that get the job done right the first time, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable home all summer long.
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When the time comes to replace your old or inefficient air conditioning unit, you can count on the professionals at HomeServe of New England to install your new air conditioning system.
Learn More About A/C Replacement

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We know how important your family’s comfort and well-being are to you. You can count on the dedicated professionals at HomeServe of New England to perform top of the line air conditioner maintenance. When it comes to finding maintenance for your home AC unit, we are just one call away. We offer all our air conditioning services in Cambridge, Somerville, Woburn and nearby in Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Contact us today!

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